A moment of rest for those seeking peace and quiet, far from the hustle and bustle urban life and stressful situations.

Zawoja is an exceptionally attractive village stretching 18 km along the rivers: Skawica, Jaworzyna and Mosorczyk. It is situated in Beskid Żywiecki, directly at the foot of Babia Góra – the majestic lady of the region, which attracts tourists eager for excitement.

The unique location favours leisure and sports. Here you can find everything you need to take a break from the bustle of the city and stressful life: picturesque landscapes, highlander traditions and attractions for the whole family.

Babia Góra – a must for all mountain lovers,

The Queen of the Beskidy Mountains- unpredictable and mysterious. Those who have visited /who have had the opportunity to visit it at least once know that it easily attracts mountain hiking enthusiasts.

It is the highest peak of Beskid Żywiecki and, apart from the Tatras, the highest peak in Poland, included in the Crown of Polish Mountains.

In recognition of its extraordinary natural values, the Babia Góra National Park was entered in 1977 on the UNESCO list of World Biosphere Reserves.

Although it can be very capricious, it offers a truly alpine climbing and breathtaking views. Ah…. the famous sunrises!

In winter, when the weather is good and for properly prepared tourists is not technically difficult – the guests of Zawoja Residence may rent snowshoes.

Babia Góra is also a perfect place for cross-country skiers.


PTTK shelter in Markowe Szczawiny

is located at an altitude of 1180 m above sea level, on the northern slopes of Babia Góra (Mount Babia). The current building was erected from scratch and made available to tourists in 2009.

Chairlift to Mosorny Groń

The Mosorny Groń Tourist and Ski Centre (1045 m above sea level) in Zawoja Policzne consists of a chairlift and a ski slope, and in the summer a bicycle slope.

The nearly 1.5 km long route with beautiful views of Babia Góra is mostly marked in red – which means that it is moderately difficult.

The slope is professionally prepared thanks to snow cannons and snow groomers. It is well illuminated, so you can use it also in the evening hours. At the lower station there is a ski rental shop, ski service and ski school. Next to it, there is a ski lift for beginners.


Wojtek ski lifts in Zawoja Czatoża

It is a complex of 3 ski lifts: two large ones, 410 m long and a small one 150 m long.

The slopes are groomed and snow is artificially made. At the station there is a ski rental shop, a ski school and a bar.

Biking trails and bicycle routes

Babia GóraTrails is a complex of 20 km of mountain biking trails, the so-called singletracks, which were created in cooperation between the Zawoja Commune and the Slovakian Commune of Oravská Polhora, along with the accompanying infrastructure: a pumptrack, a bike park, a technical and social building and the marking of the existing municipal and forest roads, intended to connect the two communes.

On the Polish side there are 14.5 km of uphill and downhill trails and routes of varying difficulty which enable cycling recreation in the Mosory Groń massif complex. The connection with Slovakia (5.2 km two-way singletrack), develops cross-border cycling tourism. On the Slovakian side there is a 40 km long network of excellent gravel roads wrapping around the southern slopes of Babia Góra.

In Zawoja Morgi, at the start of the paths, there is a dual pumptrack with a training jump section and a training path for beginners, containing elements imitating natural obstacles from natural mountain paths.


Waterfall on the Mosorny Stream (Mosorny Potok)

The magnificent waterfall on the Mosorny Stream (Mosorczyk) is located in the forest. It is about 8 m high and is one of the largest in the Beskids. It has the form of a vertical cliff built of Carpathian flysch layers. The blue tourist trail leads to it, which then climbs up to Mosorny Groń.

Our Lady of the Angels Chapel in Zawoja Mosorne

Wooden chapel on a rectangular ground plan with a shingled gable roof was built by the local farmer Wojciech Trybała in the years 1905-1908. On its front there are wooden sculptures that probably date back to the first church in Zawoja. Inside the chapel there is a wooden altar in the neo-Gothic style.


The Józef Żak Open Air Museum in Zawoja Markowa

The museum presents the traditional architecture of the Babia Góra region from the beginning of the last century.

It comprised of single-building homesteads dating from 1900, 1910 and 1802-15, a smithy, a granary and a chapel. The ethnographic exhibition is located in a cottage from the years 1802-1815, which functioned as a house with a stove-oven until it was moved in 1987.